Suz O'Donnell

City: Park Ridge
State: IL
Postal code: 60068
Country: USA

Description of Coaching Practice:

Suz helps leaders maximize performance during times of change. She serves as an executive coach, corporate change adviser and keynote speaker. She is the pioneer in proactively addressing career trajectory for female leaders planning families.

Degrees, certificates, and designations :

Executive Coach - Center for Executive Coaching
Personal Branding Strategist - Reach Personal Branding
Career Planning & Talent Management Certificate - Association of Training & Development
Facilitated Session Leader - Capgemini
Masters in Business Administration (MBA) - Thunderbird School of Global Management
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - University of Missouri

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Moving from Director to Vice President: Elevated maternity leave planning into promotion assurance!

Date of recommendation :   October 13, 2015

Yes, I was fully satisfied.

Yes, I recommend Suz O'Donnell to others.

Yes, Suz O'Donnell was ethical and professional throughout the engagement.


Please describe your title :

Associate Director

Please describe your function :

Oversee clients and teams in Project Management capacity

Please describe your industry :


How many people do you oversee in your area of responsibility, both directly and indirectly?


How large is the overall organization in which you work?


The issue, problem, or opportunity that caused you to seek coaching :

My boss had said I was on-track to be promoted from Director to VP this coming spring, but when he found out I'd be on maternity leave the 3 months prior to decisions being made we were concerned how that would play into the minds of the other decision makers

The specific, measurable results and benefits you received as a result of the coaching :

Immediately Suz helped me elevate my maternity leave delegation planning into promotion planning both in terms of how I selected who would fill in for me during leave potentially long term, as well as, how I stakeholdered it with senior decision makers. Just last week after role-playing the conversation with Suz, I secured confirmation from the VP/Group Director of our team that he too agrees I'm on track for the promotion! There may be more benefits as we continue to work together, but so far, I expect the promotion will come with a 15% raise and working with Suz is also helping me elevate my leadership position at the same time as I’m planning my maternity leave! I had been feeling very overwhelmed with how I could set myself up to succeed in the months prior to maternity leave and am feeling such a sense of relief now that I have a plan and had initial success with the conversations I've had thus far.

Additional comments :

I’m a pretty confident go-getter so I wasn’t sure how much difference an executive coach was really going to make, but Suz helped in listening to all my concerns and acting as a sounding board to sort out my plan, approach and how I was going to move forward. It was hugely helpful to have her challenge me to raise my game in how I approached discussions with senior stakeholders. I like the way she balances challenging me with supportive motivation. I'm really looking forward to continuing to work with Suz as I plan for my leave, as I'm confident she will help ensure my place at the table and set me up for success when I return.

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