The Association for Coaching Excellence (A.C.E.) fills a serious void among coaching associations

We are grateful to other coaching associations for advocating for coaches, and for providing a common set of core competencies and ethical standards. We do not consider ourselves competitors of these associations, but rather a complement.

A.C.E. fills a void and responds to a need that has troubled many seasoned coaches. Most associations focus on coaching hours before handing out a designation. That is a standard way to measure competency. However, we have noticed that having 2,000 coaching hours is not always correlated with results and delighted clients. Also, we have discovered that some coaches finesse the number of coaching hours they have by paying other coaches with a revolving fee and coaching each other.

Our purpose is to focus on what we believe really matters, and what is crucial for the coaching profession to continue to be credible: client satisfaction and results.

Members receive one of three designations depending on how many validated case studies they provide:

Gold: 5 validated examples of significant client results.
Platinum: 25 validated examples.
Hall of Fame: 50 validated examples.

Any coach may join our association at no charge and post a profile with up to four recommendations that we will validate.

After that, the coach may elect to become an Elite Member and receive a designation from us. We do not require CEUs, although we of course encourage continuing education. In our opinion, if a coach continues to get results for clients, that is more valuable than any CEU.

Elite members receive additional benefits, including ongoing advanced education for seasoned coaches, research studies benchmarking fellow members, and case studies of our members and what they are doing to achieve results.

Unlike other associations, we put the client first. If coaches can get results for clients and satisfy them consistently, then our profession will continue to grow.

A.C.E. was founded by Andrew Neitlich, author of The Way to Coach Executives and Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches, and developer of the Coach Master Toolkit. He runs the Center for Executive Coaching, which has trained coaches from around the world. Andrew launched A.C.E. in response to comments from his colleagues and coaching students about the need for an association that complements existing associations, and rewards and acknowledges coaches for the results they get for clients.

A.C.E. is governed by a rotating advisory board of Elite Members that works with members to direct our research and educational programs.