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  • It is easy to add a recommendation and work towards your first designation

    We make it easy for you to request recommendations from clients and get your first designation. Once you complete your profile, all you have to do is confirm your membership and then log in. Then go to "Ask for Recommendations." Complete instructions are there. All you need is five examples of results that we validate, that you have acheived with clients, and you get your first desination with us. This is a great way to add to your credibility as a coach. All you have to do is take action today!


  • Proof that coaching really does change the world

    Coaching really does change the world.

    As the founding member of the new Association for Coaching Excellence (A.C.E.), I am blown away already by the amazing results that coachesand their clients are reporting. Let me share some of these results so you can see for yourself…..

    First, in my own coaching practice, recently I worked with a CEO of a billion-dollar organization who reported he was getting about 3 hours of sleep each night, and beginning to suffer health issues. We worked together to build more organizational capacity and delegate more effectively, and the CEO is reporting improved health, less stress, and an organization that runs more smoothly without constant intervention. Coaching, he reports, may have saved his life.

    Results reported by other coaches on the ACE site include:

    - A business owner doubles sales.
    - A CEO loses weight, reduce blood pressure, and gets in better shape thanks to an executive coach who also focuses on wellness issues.
    - Numerous managers receive promotions thanks in part to their coaches.
    - A leader learned to spend more time mentoring leaders for a stronger organization.
    - A manager in Japan was able to expand his role to oversee teams in Europe and the USA – all while receiving top ratings.
    - A business owner reframed a limiting belief that was holding back his business, and was able to grow the business significantly.
    - A new CEO navigated her first year as CEO, including creating a successful strategic plan that is in the process of implementation (many plans never get that far).
    - A CIO reported greater team alignment for better results, better work-life balance, and significant improvement in fulfillment on the job.

    There are many more, from resolving conflicts to improving performance. Sometimes coaches focus so much on our hours, or our designations, or our particular philosophy that we forget that it is really about having impact, getting results, and delivering unquestioned value.

    Meanwhile, some of our members are reporting dozens of great results with their clients. It is so wonderful to read client reports as they come through to us -- and to see how impactful some of our members are!

    I am so thankful to be in a profession where we get to make amazing contributions to others.


    Andrew Neitlich, Director


  • ACE is about more than client testimonials

    Some of our members ask about adding testimonials to their profile. You are welcome to do this in your profile when you describe your coaching practice.

    However, to earn your designations with us, you need more than testimonials. You need documented results, as reported by clients. A testimonial can be a bit fluffy, talking about your style, experience, and what it is like to work with you. There is room for that in the results that clients report. However, we want more. We want your clients to explain in depth about how you helped them get new results and reach new levels of performance. Examples include: getting a promotion, successfully influencing someone during a high-stakes conversation, improving financial performance, getting a project done more quickly than ever before, resolving a conflict, and getting feedback that the client's performance has improved in some measurable and specific way.

    That's the A.C.E. difference. We want the world to see the results that coaches, and coaching, make possible!


  • Congratulations on the great results being reported!

    It is wonderful to see results and impact being reported by our members! Congratulations especially to Robert Burnside and Dan Forbes, recipients of our first two designations.

    We are a new organization, but the feedback we are getting is fantastic.

    Results being validated and that coaches are achieving for clients include: promotions, increases in revenue and profits, teams working more productively, clarity to make key decisions, helping clients stay positive and move forward despite setbacks, and keeping people on track with goals. It is inspiring and great for the coaching industry.

    Please let your colleagues know about the Association for Coaching Excellence, and please keep sending out requests for results to your clients.


  • Welcome to a new kind of professional association and designation for coaches, finally!

    We have heard for years the following complaints:

    - Why are there so many poor coaches in the market -- even those with hundreds and thousands of document hours of coaching?

    - Why are coaching associations dominated by people from life coaching backgrounds instead of people who understand what it takes to get results and bring value in an organizational and professional setting?

    - How can we improve the standing of the coaching profession so that the market clearly recognizes the impact we have?

    The Association for Coaching Excellence has been created to address these complaints. Finally you have a coaching association that is here for the coaches who understand the importance of value, results, and accountability. We are not for all coaches -- only those who know what it means to bring value and results to clients, and are willing to prove it.

    To be honest, the biggest objection we heard when we started talking about A.C.E. was, "Will we get enough coaches who can even prove that they have achieved results?"

    Well, consider this a big laboratory to test that question. We believe that the answer will be a resounding, "YES!" That's because we know the great work that so many great coaches are doing out there. Now it is time for you to prove it.

    We make it easy, because it is free to join and free to document your first four client results.

    Come on board and let's show the world the impact we are having as coaches!