Who should join the Association for Coaching Excellence?

We aspire to be the association for elite coaches who get results and deliver ongoing value for their clients. We want to separate the wheat from the chaff in the industry. Any coach who can document results with clients should join. This includes executive and leadership coaches, business coaches, career coaches, and any other type of coach who can document clear results with clients.

What benefits do I receive by joining?

See the "Benefits" link at the top of our website for full details. Benefits of joining the Association for Coaching Excellence include: - Be known as an elite coach and get more opportunities. - Form alliances with other elite coaches who get results. - Post your profile and get more work when clients search our directory. - Post unlimited documentation of your client results, which we validate for you as part of your membership. That way, you increase your credibility. - Receive our Gold, Platinum, and Hall of Fame designations as you post more validated case studies of results. - Display our designation on your marketing material so that prospects know you get results, for as long as you are a member. - Be eligible to join our Board of Advisors to guide our programs. - Participate in and receive benchmarking studies of fellow Elite Members. - Attend monthly educational events, which give you insights about advanced marketing strategies to build your practice, case studies and success stories of fellow members (via interviews), and interviews with thought leaders in the field. - When companies and prospective clients contact us for assistance in finding a coach, you will be included in our search. - Prospects may contact us as a reference. - We will mediate disputes with clients, so that clients have additional assurance of your professionalism and credibility.

What are your designations and what are the qualifications for each?

We offer three designations. Each is based on the results you get for clients. Gold Designation: 5 recommendations from clients documenting results you helped the client achieve. Platinum Designation: 20 recommendations. Hall-of-Fame Designation: 50 recommendations.

Can I join as an Elite Member before I have 5 recommendations?

Yes! And it makes sense to do so, because you receive great benefits, including the ability to get ongoing ICF CCEUs via our live trainings and education.

What are the fees to join?

It is free to join as an Associate Member. At any time, or when you have your fifth client recommendation ready for validation, you can become an Elite Member to receive our designations and other benefits. The cost to be an Elite Member is a one-time fee of $195 and then $27 per month (billed quarterly). FOR A LIMITED TIME WE ARE WAITING THE $195 ONE-TIME FEE SO PLEASE JOIN NOW!

Should I join as an Elite Member even if I don't have enough recommendations for my first designation?

Yes! You get so many great benefits that it makes sense to join as soon as you can.

Is it true you offer enough CCEUs to meet the International Coaching Federation's requirements?

Yes. Through our partner the Center for Executive Coaching, your Elite Membership provides you with enough educational sessions in a year so that you never have to pay any other organization for CCEUs to renew your ICF credential!

Do you compete with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and other coaching associations?

We very much appreciate what the International Coach Federation has done to promote our profession, define some basic core competencies that coaches should have, and create ethical guidelines for coaches. We see ourselves as a complement to the ICF and other associations, filling a void in the market. We want the world to recognize coaches for our impact, results, and the value we bring. At the same time, many coaches don't want or need to go through a lengthy training and application process. We provide a streamlined way for these coaches to document that they are competence (by submitting one recorded coaching conversation) and that they get results. In fact, we even provide CCEUs for members of the ICF through our live educational events, through our relationship with the Center for Executive Coaching, which is an approved ACTP with the ICF. When you join as an elite member, you gain access to this education and never have to worry about paying for CCEUs again!!!!

I am a new coach. Should I join?

Yes. You should join for free. As you gain experience, be sure to submit client recommendations for us to validate. That way, you work towards your designation at no cost. When you have your fifth client recommendation ready for validation, you can choose to join as an Elite Member and get our Gold Coach Designation.

If I have a single client engagement but am coaching many people or a team/group, can I get multiple people to write recommendations towards my designation?

Yes, so long as the engagement is significant in scope (e.g., a number of sessions and -- for external coaches only -- at least $1,000 in fees per person being coached) and so long as each person who writes the recommendation should be able to report significant, individual value that he or she received through your coaching. Our intent is that you get results that vary across the people being coached, and that the people writing recommendations are willing to share their individual results. Otherwise, we will only be able to count one single recommendation about the results that the team or group achieved as a whole through your work with them.

Why don't you require CEUs?

Our overall philosophy is that good coaches will find the education and training that helps them better serve their clients. In the current market, there are many courses approved for CEUs that don't help coaches get better. There are also many educational programs not approved for CEUs that could be very valuable to coaches. Finally, requiring CEUs seems to be a way for some associations to earn revenues, regardless of benefits to the coach. We believe that if you are not having satisfactory results with clients, you are perfectly capable of finding education and training to make improvements.

What are the differences between a client recommendation that will count towards my designations and one that will not count?

1. The coaching engagement must have been at least 10 hours in duration. 2. A single individual whom you coach may provide up to two recommendations for every five that you submit, so long as each engagement is clearly and contractually distinct in scope. 3. For external coaches, the coaching engagement must be valued at a minimum of $1,000. Internal coaches must be employed and coaching employees of their organization. No pro bono coaching engagements can be accepted. 4. While it is acceptable for the engagement to include training, facilitation, and other services, at least 75% of the engagement must be coaching. Coaching is defined here as a two-way dialogue between coach and client, typically in short meetings over time, so that the client has new insights and improves results. A coaching engagement starts with an agreement about outcomes, scope, and boundaries. Many types of conversations and activities can be part of the coaching engagement, including: asking probing questions, reviewing data about the client and situation (i.e, assessment tools, 360-dgree interviews), listening actively, agreeing on accountability and next steps, sharing observations, acknowledging progress and results, role playing, offering encouragement and support, skill development, and brainstorming. 5. The recommendation should document specific and measurable results that the client achieved while working with you. Examples of results include, but are not limited to: tangible organizational or team gains that the client achieves (e.g., revenue growth, reduction in employee turnover, greater productivity, successful team outputs), measurable improvements in the client’s skills and capabilities, career advancement (i.e., a promotion), more productive use of time, better work-life balance, positive shifts in perceptions that result in new behaviors and outcomes, and self-reported improvements in well being. 6. Recommendations that are too soft, for instance by describing the experience of working with you or talking about your skills, will be refused. Please be sure to have your client emphasize specific, measurable results. 7. You agree that we have final say about whether a recommendation is robust enough to count towards your designation.