We make it simple for you to get the recognition you deserve as a top-tier coach

Other associations have become notorious for making coaches jump through hoops. With our focus on results and client satisfaction, it is easy for you to join and earn our designation.
Here is how it works:

  • Join for FREE.
  • Create your profile.
  • In your member area, it is easy to request a client to give you a recommendation. Send them a link and they answer some simple questions.
  • The client’s personal information will remain confidential. All they have to do is document the results that they have achieved while working with you.
  • To count as a recommendation, you can be either an external or a paid internal coach. The engagement must have involved at least 10 hours of coaching. For external coaches, the engagement must involve at least a $1,000 payment to you. No pro bono coaching or barter-based coaching is allowed.
    Click here to see what the recommendation form looks like.
  • The client submits the recommendation to you, and you submit it to us for validation.
  • We confirm that the engagement meets the above criteria, and contact the client to validate that it is accurate.
  • The case study shows up on your profile. Again, client information remains confidential. You are in control and can remove a recommendation any time.
  • With your fifth recommendation, you can join as an Elite Member and receive our Gold Designation.
  • As you add recommendations, you work towards Platinum and Hall of Fame Designations. These are included in your membership.