By using our website and joining A.C.E. for Coaches, you agree to the following terms, which we are keeping short and to the point:

1. You agree to provide accurate information to us.

2. You will not misrepresent your achievements or any facts in any recommendations that you submit.

3. All decisions made in regards to whether we accept a recommendation are final. You can resubmit a recommendation from a client if we reject it and the client chooses to submit more information and clarification in a new recommendation.

4. When you become an Elite member, you agree to make monthly payments using payment methods that we accept. If you stop making payments and/or cancel your membership, you will lose the benefits of Elite Membership, including the permission to use any designation(s) earned by you as an Elite Member. This includes the right to market yourself as holding that designation, or to use any logos of our designations, until your payments are up to date.

5. If you are a member, you hold us harmless from any liabilities or damages caused by website technical difficulties, coach sourcing that we do on behalf of members (e.g., if you are not chosen), and the results you achieve as a member of A.C.E.

6. If you are searching for coaches and use us to source coaches, you hold us harmless for any results these coaches achieve or do not for you and/or your organization.

7. You agree to hold yourself to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity as a coach, including: disclosing conflicts of interest, maintaining confidentiality with clients and being open about where confidentiality will/cannot be maintained (to sponsors and the person being coached), letting clients choose to continue the coaching relationship and when to end it, keeping your verbal and written agreements, representing yourself accurately and not making false claims, and avoiding romantic or physical relationships with clients.

8. If we are asked by a client of yours to mediate a dispute, you agree to abide by our final decision.

9. We value and respect your privacy and will not share your personal informaiton with anyone else without your permission.

10. You get out what you put in. You agree to participate as an active member.